Turkey Kemer and the Turkish Riviera

Kemer is a seaside resort located on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, 40 km west of the city of Antalya, where the slopes of the Taurus mountains reach the sea.

The resort climate is typically Mediterranean and is characterized by hot, dry weather and warm sea water.

Until the early eighties of last century Kemer was a quiet rural area, but today the city and coastal villages in the region play a very important role to the tourism of Turkey and in particular the region of Antalya.

Undoubtedly the biggest attraction of Kemer is its natural beauty: the sea, mountains, forests and pine plantations and citrus together in harmony. The coastal strip from Beldibi to Tekirova (popular coastal resorts) consists of untouched beaches in the bays of different sizes.

Every year hundreds of thousands tourists come from all over the world to enjoy the beautiful scenery, ancient towns with ancient tombs and palaces, prestigious nightclubs with entertainment programs, first class restaurants, unique beaches (some of which have blue flag), the beautiful marina ... Many visitors are attracted by the best price on all-inclusive packages for vacation (holyday) in Antalya.

All this and convenient transportation and good communication turn in Kemer resort with an internationally recognized reputation.

All these features, the resort proximity to the other resorts like Belek, Antalya, Alanya and Side and its central location on the Turkish Riviera region make it a top tourist destination with wonderful hotels in the area.

Kemer resort hotels are one of the best in the world and in our opinion very cheap by comparison with other hotels of the same class in Asia and Europe. They offer a lot of facilities and services: windsurfing, beach vollleyball, scuba diving, tennis, wonderful hotel swimming-pools, amusing programs for the kids, horse riding, golf and so on.

It is a good idea to try to find promotional travel packages for 7 or even more days for your holiday in Kemer as early as possible because it will cost you less to stay in the first-class hotels in Turkey or other kind.

Kemer resort hotels - Turkey

Kemer resort hotels

Kemer is one of the most beatiful resorts in Turkey.

Its hotels are among the best hotels in whole Turkey. They offer first-class services and very cheap vacation packages for family holidays with incredible atmosphere: